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From learning of innovative schools to student stories to finding out what you should be implementing into your programs. Our documentaries are powerful & bring good vides to your soul.
School Profiles
Even wonder why one school succeeds and another one doesn't? We want everyone to profit while spreading the word of the martial arts industry. Check our schedule for program times.
Stories of Triumph
Behind every triumph lies a story of work and commitment. In our industry success isn't acheive in a day but over a lifetime. Hear the stories behind the triuph. Check listing.
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Contact Us Now
Contact Us Now
  1. Submit Film
    We'd love to see your film of instruction, testing, motivation or anything you'd like to contribute. Click here to apply for submission now. We will also give you the film specs.
  2. Schedule a Filming
    We have a complete mobile studio that can come to you for program development. Have a programming idea? Don't be surprised if we show up. Click here for submission.
  3. Announcements
    Did someone in your school over achieve and you want to reward them by telling the work on TV. From black belt promotion to a act of kindness, tell us about it here.
  4. 2019 Awards
    We are excited to announce the upcoming 2019 Martial Arts Channel award which will begin collecting nominees in December of 2019. Stay tuned and have a great year.
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We're The TV Channel Where Everyone In The Martial Arts Industry Gets Heard
Finally a place that belongs to you. A place that you can learn what the top notch schools are doing, a place to meet pros who motivate and inspire, a place to share in the acheivments of students from across the world. After years in development The Martial Arts Channel is poised to become the most powerful platform for everything martial arts.
Currently Airing
  1. Kohler Elite Karate - We visit Glastonbury CT and see how the Elite staff has grown their school by offering a variety of innovative programs and community outreach. Get ready to learn and grow.
    Currently Available
  2. Premier Karate in Columbus Ohio is saluting a new black belt who has not only grown on the mat but also has overcome tremendous odds to do it. Be inspired and ready to cheer for their accomplishment.
    Currently Available
  3. Meet motivational trainer Mike Hunt and learn how you can motivate and get the most out of your students while keeping a relationship of respect. It's worth having your staff watch and learn so you can bring these concepts to your school.
    Coming Soon
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